About AuthenticTimes.com

AuthenticTimes.com is a resource and for women in the powerful transformation stage of life, typically somewhere in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond, who are looking for inspiration, information and connection. Our site was built with the intention that women could share their creative energies in writing, artwork, crafts, ideas and communication.

We welcome anyone at any age who wishes to join our community. If you feel you belong here, you probably do!

What is our definition of “authentic”?

We describe "authentic" as honest, present and original.

Honesty is allowing your truth to come from inside your body. Ask your heart, "What am I feeling right now?"

The present is always now and your awareness of the here and now happens in your mind when listening, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling everything in the moment right now.

Being original is connecting with the divine spirit and unique you. Before you created and believed the stories that cause suffering, your spirit was free. Stories cloud your ability to express yourself as an original masterpiece with a journey all your own.

There seems to be a shift happening in the consciousness of the world and we wanted to create a space for women to practice the art of living authentically. We believe that living is more fun when you share your experiences, laughter and wisdom with others.   AuthenticTimes.com fills this need and supports your journey as you blaze a trail from young woman to wise woman. Yahoo!

As an inspired writer and life coach, creating the space for the AuthenticTimes.com community has filled my spirit cup and now I hope it will overflow into yours. It's time to get authentic, and share our beautiful, amazing and transforming selves with the rest of the world!

Smiles and Blaze those trails!

Rain Fordyce, President

Authentic Times, Inc.