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Why I LOVE to Eat Raw Food

Life Coach Rain Fordyce Misha Thomas

by Misha Thomas

I first got introduced to vegetarianism in the 70’s, and back then, I did it as a way to protest the exploitation of our planet and to conserve and extend our food supply by not wasting grains to fatten up cows and hogs for our own consumption.  I didn’t really do it for health, although I came to believe that it was healthier for me.  In fact, I noticed after being vegetarian for a number of years that even looking at meat or smelling it almost made me nauseous.  It was as if my whole body rebelled against it. 

I’ll tell you something that I could never have said back then.  I was very proud of myself (maybe a better term is “spiritually arrogant”) because I was a vegetarian and I felt it was clearly a superior way to live.  I laugh when I think how much I once believed my food choices made me “better” than others!  They say, “Pride cometh before a fall,” and I definitely had the pride!  The fall was soon to come.

At that time in my life, I was running 5 miles a day, 5 days a week; going an hour of yoga every day, along with meditation; and riding my bike about 20 or so miles per week.  I was in the best physical condition and I didn’t hesitate to let everyone know it was because of my superior choices! (Yes, pride was ruling my mind!)

When I got pregnant a second time, I became deathly ill with serious complications, lost the baby and almost died.  Just writing this story is healing, as I was unable to talk about it for years without bursting into tears.  As I laid in the hospital bed, alternating between crying and cursing God, I begged for an answer.  “How could you do this to me?  Even drug addicted moms have babies, and here I am doing EVERYTHING RIGHT! How could YOU!?”

The answer came in a way I never could have expected.  I heard a Voice, an unmistakable ‘Voice of Authority.’   It reverberated in my mind with undeniable power and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Voice spoke the Truth.

Here is what I heard, “Health does NOT begin on a physical level.”

Whoa!  I was floored, confused and still mad!  What do you mean, Health does not start on a physical level?!  Then where DOES it start?!

The answer I received from this ‘Voice of Truth’ is that our health starts on an energy level.  It starts from an emotional and spiritual level, beyond what is visible to us in the material world.  This was the information that changed my life.  Years later, I put this truth together with eating raw foods.

Here is what I realized.  If I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that health does not begin on a physical level, then why bother to eat raw food to improve health and energy?

There are several reasons.  There is one reason that makes most sense to me.  If everything in our Universe is made of energy and has a vibration, it makes sense that food would be included with its own vibration.  If we want to raise our vibration, (which I did, since I believe higher vibrations are associated with all the higher thoughts, words, actions, and results of life) doesn’t it make sense to eat food that has the highest vibration possible?

Food has a vibration?  Yes, it does!  And you already know intuitively what those vibrations are.  Let me show you.  Take this quiz:

Which has a higher vibration?

Broccoli or a potato?                

Beef or grapefruit?         

Pork or eggs?           

Avocado or chicken?                

Chicken or beef?                        

The answers are: broccoli, grapefruit, eggs, avocado, chicken.  I bet you answered them all right!  We all know the answers intuitively.  If our goal is to go to a higher vibration in consciousness, doesn’t it make sense to eat higher vibration foods?  That is why I eat raw food as much as I possibly can.  Aside from the energy that we can’t see, here are the reasons I LOVE to eat raw food from a strictly physical point of view:

Raw food has more live enzymes which we need for metabolic processes, including digestion and elimination.

Raw food has more nutrients intact than cooked food.

Raw food has a more alkaline pH, and the human body is alkaline by design.

Raw food makes me feel energized, rather than tired.

Raw food makes it easy to obtain and maintain my ideal weight.

Raw food diets have been shown to improve or reverse most degenerative diseases.

The best part is that raw food tastes delicious!!!


If you want more information, I recommend “The pH Miracle” by Dr. Robert Young.  This important book explains of the benefits of eating raw food and I found it life changing.

One word of caution: do realize that vegetarian or not, raw food or not, most of us need some good nutritional supplementation.  Why? Because our soils (even organic farms) are vastly depleted of the nutrients that were there even 10-15 years ago.  I learned about adaptogens and they helped me find the last piece of the nutrition puzzle.


2009 Copyright by Misha Thomas

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  • 1 tsp cinnamon
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