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Living Green Upon Earth


by Rain Fordyce

Living green is an important part of who I am, and has been for as long as I can remember.  When I lived at home, my mom was the only conservationist I knew.  She reused plastic bags, foil, grocery bags, told us not to waste water, paper or food.  She believed in reusing clothes, fabric and had a bin of throw away parts that we created crafts out of.  We ate sprouts, homemade granola, carob and whole wheat everything.  Little did I know the amazing foundation she created in me. 

When I moved away from home to begin college and a new life, the first job I found was at a health food store where I made fruit smoothies and squeezed wheat grass juice for the locals.  I was so much more excited about what I learned as a juice barista than anything I did in college.  I learned about the word “organic” and what that meant for our bodies, the farmers and the earth.  I learned that the earth was our source for creating all kinds of amazing foods that I had never heard of before such as wheat grass, rutabaga, kale and jicama.  I met all kinds of interesting people who were passionate about their food choices.  I met vegetarians like myself, vegans, raw eaters, fruitarians and so many others' with unique diets that made me think about my own daily choices.  I learned about all kinds of herbs and natural remedies that could help heal and cure without chemicals.  I was hooked and couldn't get enough of this compelling naturalist information!

It was at that time I met, became friends and worked with some amazing conservationists.  They taught me about the extreme waste of wiping my face on a paper napkin or using paper tissues to blot my lipstick or quickly wipe a nose.  I began to carry a handkerchief around so that I would not need to use the planet's resources for a moment's need.  I learned about the animal testing on cosmetics and the chemicals inside of them and begain to rethink my choices in lip gloss and hair color.  My world was expanding and I loved this world of people who cared so much about their footprint on the planet. 

I was so excited about finding out these important facts that I couldn't wait to share them with my family and friends.  I was shocked to find out that few were interested.  For the next few years, I continued my research and passion of saving the earth's resources from the toxic manmade chemicals and overuse.  I continued to work for Health Food Stores, political organizations as well as Greenpeace feeling that I was at the heartbeat of the change for our planet.  Years passed and it seemed nothing was working to make things better.  I was losing my inner peace and I became burned-out.

When I lost my fire, I stopped living true with what I believed and what I felt important.  After many years of not seeing the immediate effects of change and being teased by those close to me, I let go and began to believe nothing would change.  Those around me didn’t seem inspired to recycle, they didn't see garage sales and thrift stores as cool eco-sales, and thought buying organic was a joke and wasn't worth the price.  At some point, I left my bubble world of possibilities and began shopping at my local big-chain grocery store.  I would try to remember to bring my bag and hope the bagger wouldn't give me trouble.   

I can still remember the day I walked into that grocery store and found the organic brands from the health food stores of years past!  I couldn't believe my eyes!  Something was shifting and it reignited a fire in me!  I began speaking out again about posibilities if we all just did our part.  Today on the west coast, it is typical to find organic food at almost every major food chain store.  Hybrid cars are some of the most popular ones on the road and stores are going to start charging for grocery bags, instead of telling you it is mandatory for leaving the store.  The best part is how people are talking about being good to the Earth!  Everyone is talking about it!

I laughed when I read an article some years back that going green was trendy and how the author thought it was a problem.  Let it be trendy, let the peer pressure save the Earth.  Going green is inevitable and no matter how it happens, my heart sings with gratitude! Every step is a positive one for cleaner air, cleaner soil and water.  To see the shift that is swirling around for cleaner living on this great big beautiful ball excites me. 

Back when I was newly out on my own, I wanted to see instant overhauls to what needed to change.  I have learned that what is created over time needs time to change it into something new.   Change was happening 20 years ago and change is happening now, one step at a time.  Change is the current that pushes us into the next era.  An era that makes a lot more sense.

Tips to think about to help you make an even bigger difference:

  • Instead of shopping for fun, find fun in your environment, family and friends. Card game anyone?
  • When you need an appliance or other non-food item, instead of going to the store, go on your local online community groups or Freecycle and see if someone is trying to get rid of the very thing you need.
  • If you do end up at the store, don’t forget your bag.  They work at department stores, hardware stores and grocery stores.
  • Plant a garden, a fruit tree or plant edible food instead of or along with patio plants.
  • Buy organic as often as you can including clothing and fabric.
  • Look for fabric napkins and handkerchiefs at garage sales and wash them instead of buying disposable paper products.
  • Use long lasting plastic sealed containers or glass jars to store food instead of plastic zipper bags. 
  • Wash your plastic zipper bags.
  • For fun, play with the idea of letting go of the use of chemicals on your body, hair, nails and face. Let’s let our authentic beauty shine!

Most of all have fun trying new ways to do things.  Every step takes up towards a brighter future!


2009 Copyright by Rain Fordyce

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Earth Jewel


the Earth Jewel I feel I am


and perhaps I already am~

In unison


 the  Greater Source of light

that shines around

And I let flow through me...

As a beacon of


Attracting more love


more love

So magical. So splendid.

Rumi was able to put it down in words


Rumi expressed it well.

That Love.

That Bliss.

That open


 I have so many loving


to amazing people

Such Love

and Peace

shine through me

I live in such Gratitude

of All That There Is


All There Can Be

Love Heals

Love Creates

Love Permeates through the toughest places


Submitted by

Elissa Joy ( EJ)  Shames