How to Submit an Article, Poem, or Artwork
We are so thrilled that you are interested in sharing your thoughts and stories with! For women who want to be published, share their experiences and share with our community, writing for is a great opportunity to share your insights and your passion. Chosen work will give recognition to the creative source and a link to your blog or website!

Our Audience

Our readers are women 30's, 40's, and 50's and beyond who are from all walks of life and living all kinds of experiences. Readers are looking to be inspired, laugh, and feel connected to other women through honest personal stories and ideas. We are open-minded and open-hearted, so please let your authentic self shine through!

Creative Considerations welcomes and encourages submissions from our readers. Our mission is to be 100% community supported! You do not need to be a professional or trained writer or artist to be considered. We are all creative!!!!

Attention all Writers and aspiring Writers!

Feature Articles: We look for non-fiction personal stories or ideas that are informative, positive, funny, honest and inspiring, though not necessarily all of those! creates a sense of peace, joy, humor and wellness for our readers. To be considered, please keep your entries free of excessive fear, negativity or shock value. What did you learn through your experience? What joy did you discover? Stories with a focus on authentic living, learning through personal experiences, humorous looks at our lives and changing bodies, and expansive spiritual understanding is what is all about.

Recipes of the Week: We are looking to highlight tested and loved recipes that focus on seasonal, local, and natural ingredients. Feel free to share why you love this recipe, if it was your mother's, aunt's or your creation and where you are in the world. Were the ingredients from your garden? Is this a tradition? We are looking for you to share more than just the ingredients, however, we also except recipes only, if that is what you would like to share. These are short, around 150 words (not including ingredients.)

Garden Tip of the Week, and Tip of the Week: How does your garden grow? What is your favorite tip to share? We are looking for organic and natural practices as well as creative recycling. These are short, around 150 words.

Thought of the Week: What are you thinking about that is shifting your life? Let us know in about 50 words!

Poetry: We are looking for positive, fun, honest and inspiring poetry that shares your views of the world. It will be on the side of a featured article under these categories: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Our World. Unlike articles, poetry will not be edited, even for spelling, as that is all interpretive in poetry! Share your creative world in about 300 words.

Artwork to Accompany Featured Articles

Providing artwork to accompany your article or poem is highly encouraged. If you send the .jpg files separately, in the subject of your email, please identify yourself and the title of your article or poem that accompanies the art. If you have captions for the artwork relative to the article, please submit it in the email with the attached art and write no more than 25 words. We ask that you clearly identify any captions. All submitted illustrations, photographs, drawings and artwork should be original material submitted by the writer or should include credit or source and copyright information.

Calling all artists, aspiring artists and craft creators!

Every week we will feature a photo, artwork, or photos of your crafts or passions on the front page. We are looking for work that is fun or inspirational and relevant to the website and authentic living. If you would like to share your work with us, please submit your personal work in a .jpg file, please not a thumbnail. In your email with the attached artwork, please include the information you see below. Let us know what category you would like your work in: Photo, Artwork or Craft of the Week. Please indicate if you would allow us to use your work to accompany a featured article (your name and link will still appear.)

Please include the following information inside your word document or email for your submission:

• The category for written work is being submitted. Right now we have the following categories: Featured Article categories: Body, Mind, Spirit, Our World (relationships, holidays, home, garden, pets, kids, etc.) Smaller submissions categories: Recipe of the Week, Garden Tip of the Week, Thought of the Week, and Tip of the Week
• A Title for your work.
• Your full name (as you would like it to look online)
• Your phone, cell and e-mail address (the best way to contact you)
• Title of your blog or website with the address information so we can link to it!
• Any other fun information you would like to share with the readers in one or two quick sentences about you! (This may or may not be used.)
• Submissions must be in word documents (.doc or .docx) or .jpg and please send to

Preparing Your Article, Poetry or Artwork for submission

• We would like writers to review and edit their article for punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, continuity and content.
• We would like writers to double-check their facts and be able to vouch for fact statement, web address and name spelling in a story. For fact checking, please provide a list of sources with contact phone numbers.
• Write using simple language.
• Define terms that may not be well known. On first mention, spell out abbreviations or acronyms. If in doubt, define.
• Make sure all direct quotes are accurate and clearly attributed to a source. Be aware of what constitutes libel.
• Use extra lines space between paragraphs instead of indents.
• Articles, poems and artwork must be original and preferably unpublished. We ask that your article not be "advertorial" which is "advertising disguised as editorial." There should be no self-promotion or promotion of your business or be recommendations for products or services that you or someone else may offer.

General Agreements & Policies

We assume no responsibility for unsolicited queries or manuscripts. All unsolicited articles are sent to us on speculation. Sorry, we try our best, but cannot reply to all unsolicited articles.

Submission of articles and confirmation of receipt of article is not statement of acceptance that the article will appear in You will be notified by email of acceptance of your article.
Editing reserves the right to edit all reader contributions for clarity or length. Changes (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, lengths) will be made at the discretion of the editorial staff. All headlines, subheads, captions and other miscellaneous related editorial copy may be written and edited.